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Commercial fencing is an essential feature for many businesses and industrial or governmental properties. Commercial properties from Atlanta to Gainesville know that they can trust Chamblee Fence of Atlanta. Chain link fence, commercial fencing, we do it all, and you can rely on our commercial fencing products and installation to help secure your properties. Commercial chain link fencing is an affordable way to secure your property, no matter the size. This type of fencing is popular because it is economical, sturdy, long-lasting, and low maintenance. Chain link fences derive their strength and flexibility from steel wire and the diamond pattern. You can add even more security to your fence by selecting a smaller diamond size. Generally speaking, the smaller the diamond is, the greater the security the chain link fence provides. Chain link fences are low maintenance because the aluminum and galvanized coating prevents rust. With Chamblee Fence Company, you have a variety of options including height, fabric mesh weight, and colors that will fit any budget and meet your project needs. 

Chain Link Commercial Fencing

A chain link fence is the preferred choice for many commercial operations, and you need an Atlanta chain link fence installer you can trust. For businesses in Atlanta, commercial metal fencing is a popular choice. Its low-cost installation and durable materials make it a great fencing option. This practical option might be the right choice for your business or property, especially if security is a concern. We offer many different options for chain link commercial fences, including galvanized finishes, barbed wire, and windscreen. Our chain link commercial fence features can include:

  • Heavy framework - steel pipe that is the primary support to the heavy fabric. The pipe is set in the ground, often in a concrete footing.
  • Heavy fabric - the diamond pattern wire mesh that is attached to the framework. The distinctive pattern comes from the process of making the fabric, in which wire spirals are woven together and pressed flat. The fabric is attached to one of the steel pipes of the framework then stretched to the next pole and attached. This process is repeated until the last pole is reached. Any extra fabric can be unscrewed or cut.
  • Galvanized coated finish - a final coating to help prevent corrosion of the heavy fabric. The zinc in the coating protects the steel from rusting for decades.
  • Vinyl coated finish - a final coating that covers the heavy fabric to prevent water and other corrosive material from getting to the steel wire mesh.
  • Barbed wire - commonly used to fence cattle, barbed wire is steel wire with small, sharp pieces of wire secured to it. By design, it can be harmful to cross.
  • Razor ribbon - also referred to as barbed tape, is much sharper than barbed wire and is designed to prevent people from crossing. Though not razor sharp, it can tear and rip at clothing and skin.
  • Slats - strips of metal or plastic that slide into the spaces of heavy fabric to provide privacy.
  • Windscreen - a fence covering designed to block wind and provide privacy from prying eyes.

Our experts at Chamblee Fence Company will help you weigh the various options and select the best chain link fence for your specific project needs. Once you have made your choices, our team will install your chain link fence to the exact specifications that suit the framework and materials you selected. Every chain link fence is designed to withstand the variety of weather Georgia sees throughout the year. There are many factors to consider when installing fences, and our thorough installation process preserves the structural integrity of your chain link fence to guarantee you will be satisfied with your fence for years to come! We will guide you through each step of the process to help you make the best selection to meet your budget, privacy, strength, and durability needs. 

Chamblee Fence Company is the industry leader for chain link fence options and installation. You can rely on our decades of experience to deliver on your budget and design needs. You can count on our team to deliver the best fences using the highest quality materials to guarantee your satisfaction with your chain link fence. Whether your commercial project is big or small, Chamblee Fence Company is the best choice for your chain link fence project in Atlanta.

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