You have many options to choose from for your commercial property, but nothing makes a statement like a montage rail ornamental fence! This type of fence is loved for many reasons, including durability, security, and range of options. Our montage rail fences are a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution for your business or other commercial space. They also offer the level of commercial protection you need to keep your property, tenants, and customers safe and secure. Montage rails also come in a wide selection of styles and ornamentation options, and we are confident you will find a design that will add elegance and style to your commercial property.

Chamblee Fence of Atlanta's montage rail ornamental fences come in several different designs. Our wrought iron rails are produced from 100% domestic steel and 66% recycled content.

Each montage rail is created and shaped to fit any landscape while providing security for your business or gated community. The strength and sturdiness of our wrought iron material is constructed to last over the years and withstand countless weather conditions.

The maintenance-free finish will give your commercial property the elegant look of a wrought-iron fence without the expensive maintenance required of traditional wrought-iron. Montage rail fences are popular with developers for both their style and durable steel construction. Steel fencing lends strength and durability compared to aluminum fences. Due to the unique fence panel design, montage rail fences can follow the steepest of grades on virtually any terrain. This means they can be installed along a slope without unsightly “stair stepping” of the fence panels. 

Professional Montage Rail Installation

Chamblee Fence of Atlanta's montage rail installation service ensures that our fences will add beauty and elegance to each commercial property, without the exhausting maintenance that may be crucial for other railings. These rails are perfect for those who are looking to add an elegant feel to their property without the laborious upkeep. When it comes to choosing the right fence for your commercial property, our team of professional staff and highly trained contractors will help you make the right choice. We will provide you with a cost-effective, built-to-last fence and delivered with exceptional service by caring, professional fence experts. Our six decades of experience has made us a leader and Atlanta’s most dependable fencing company. Your satisfaction is always our top priority! Our passion for customer service begins from our first conversation and carries through to the last. Our high-quality, durable, and long-lasting montage rail fencing will be the perfect addition to your commercial property. 

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