Wooden Rails for Your Business

Many business owners choose wood rail fences for their properties because a beautiful wood rail fence is a classic example of traditional American fencing. Also known as a "Ranch Rail," a wood rail fence is a rustic, classic and economical way to protect your property. Learn more about the wood rail fence options we have at Chamblee Fence of Atlanta. Custom wood rail fences add a modern rustic touch to any property.

Custom-Built Wood Rail Fence

We offer 2, 3, and 4 rail flat board wood rail fencing at about three to four feet high. Also known as "Ranch Rail," wood rail fencing is used to define property lines, divides areas, and act as fall-protection along retaining walls.

Split rail fencing, which is more rustic in appearance, is an excellent alternative where blending into a natural setting is important. Galvanized or black welded wire may be added to either type of wood rail fence to enhance animal containment. This is even an accepted form of enclosure for swimming pools in some municipalities. Chamblee Fence of Atlanta is a split rail installer that you can trust.

A Wood Rail Fence for Any Property

Chamblee Fence of Atlanta’s custom wood rail fences are a secure and striking addition to any property. Our dedicated fencing installation team will make sure that your new wood rail fence is perfect for any purpose you need. Once our construction is finished, you will never again have to worry about your business or property being left exposed.

wood commercial rail

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