Ensure Secure Access with Driveway Gates for Gated Communities in Atlanta

When you are selecting a gate for a residential community, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. You want a gate that will match the aesthetic quality of the community without being too expensive. It is also important to consider the location the gate will be placed in and the expected climate, to ensure the gate will function properly. At Chamblee Fence Company, we help gated communities find the right gate for their needs. Our products are not only stylish and functional, they are secure and reliable. If you are looking to install a new security gate for your Atlanta community, contact Chamblee Fence Company to learn how we can help.

Chamblee Fence Company offers security gates made from aluminum, steel, and wood.  Each of these materials has their own advantages, so it is important to consider your gated communities needs before you make a decision.

Aluminum- Aluminum security gates provide an affordable and stylish option for gated communities. These gates are easily customizable, so they can be adapted to your community’s style and location.

Steel- Steel security gates are very solid and present an air of impenetrability to the outside world. Since the upfront cost of steel gates is higher, it is important to ensure the gate has a high-quality protective coating to prevent damage from the elements and reduce the need for maintenance.

Wood- Wooden security gates provide plenty of privacy and look great. They are also easy to move if your community expands and the layout changes. Wood can easily be adapted to uneven or shifting ground, making it a popular choice for difficult terrain. Wooden security gates should be washed, stained, and sealed regularly to keep them maintained.

The security gate installation experts at Chamblee Fence Company have years of experience working with these materials in the Atlanta area.


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