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At Chamblee Fence Company, we have experience installing every type of fence in the Atlanta area. Different types of fences require different installation techniques, and we know that the process must be tailored to the environment and the customer’s needs. Whether you need a wooden or metal fence, we can walk you through the process and explain how it can be accomplished.

When it comes to installing a wooden fence, there are several factors to consider. The first decision to be made is the type of wood to be used for the fence. Whatever wood we choose, it must be sturdy, durable, and resistant to weather. It also must be resilient enough to withstand impacts from various types of objects. If you have a specific type of wood you would like to use, we can help find a way to make it work. Wooden fences should also be stained or painted. This will make the wood resistant to moisture and reduce deterioration. Paint can also make the wood resistant to sunlight.

Metal fencing covers a wide variety of different materials and styles. Whatever your needs or budget, we can help you find the right metal fence for you. Chain link fences are ideal for maximizing security and minimizing maintenance. Chamblee Fence Company can design a chain link fence that will look aesthetically pleasing while also providing protection.

A fence made of wrought iron, steel, or aluminum can provide a unique accent to your property without sacrificing your security needs. These metal gates and fences create a great first impression on visitors and can improve your property value. Different materials can be used based upon your desired style and available budget.

At Chamblee Fence Company, our installation experts are familiar with every type of fencing and can help you make the right decision.

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